Workplace Consulting Services

Critical Incident Mental Health Management

Critical incident mental health management

Drawing on a foundation of working with the military, emergency services and other high-risk industries, Mindset Psychology can ensure that your organization is providing a best practice approach to critical incidents that occur on site. This can include: (1) Development of critical incident policy; (2) Psychological first aid training Critical stress and trauma awareness; (3) Preventative mental health psychological skills training; and (4) Programs to support families

Managing difficult personalities in the workplace

Managing difficult personalities

Do you have a team member that is causing a ripple effect (impacting on the performance or wellbeing of others)? Mindset Psychology can conduct a team-based assessment and provide interventions to manage difficult personalities in the workplace.

Corporate Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching

One-on-one corporate, EQ and leadership coaching to improve the soft skills of management. This can be delivered face-to-face or virtually via videoconferencing.