Our Practitioners

Melissa Harries - Principal Psychologist

Melissa Harries

Principal Psychologist (Newcastle, Sydney)

Melissa has been practicing as a psychologist for 15 years. She started her career as an Army psychology officer which included deployments to Afghanistan, East Timor, Kuwait and Dubai. From these experiences she developed a special interest in workplace resilience and wellbeing and has delivered wellbeing solutions to government and private organisations.

Melissa has worked in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) industry for the last 9 years. She provides team and individual interventions to assist employees to be healthy, happy and work well. This includes workplace training in resilience, mental health and stress management as well as counselling for anxiety, PTSD, depression and stress. She has a Masters in Organisational Psychology and is a leadership and wellbeing coach.

Tommy Pulleine - Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Tommy Pulleine

Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Tommy started his career in the military serving in the Australian Army as an Infantry soldier, spending 17 years in Service deploying to Timor Leste, Solomon Islands and Iraq. His last posting was to the Defence Force correctional facility where he was the rehabilitation coordinator. This gave Tommy an insight into the significant issues facing veterans in the mental health space including his own. Tommy was medically discharged in 2015 for physical and mental health injuries. Since leaving Defence Tommy has had a passion for veteran mental health issues and have run several programs to support veterans.

Tommy worked as a security guard on and off during his Service and now works primarily in the security industry as a business owner, a trainer and consultant. He is keen to address the low mental health literacy in male dominated industries through delivery of the MHFA course and other bespoke mental health workshops.

Kate Diggle - Psychotherapist

Kate Diggle

Psychotherapist (Canberra)

Kate has over twenty years of corporate experience, most recently working for a number of large, international EAP companies. A qualified psychotherapist and trainer, Kate provides insightful and unique interventions for workplaces that combine professional and personal development.

Kate’s extensive career experience in both Government and private sector environments compliment her natural ability to adapt to and work effectively in a wide range of environments. Kate is a popular facilitator with great communication skills, her style is down to earth, honest and enjoyable.

Carla Devine - Psychologist

Carla Devine

Psychotherapist (Brisbane)

Carla has been practicing as an Army Psychology Officer for 9 years. Her service has included deployments to Afghanistan, East Timor, PNG, Iraq and Dubai. Through her role as an EAP practitioner internal to the organization she has had extensive experience delivering workplace training in resilience and mental health as well as selection, leadership coaching and employee mental health assessments. Her current role has allowed her to develop a special interest in organizational psychology with a particular focus on interpersonal and rapport based training. She is also a registered Mental Health First Aid trainer. Carla enjoys delivering training to a diverse audience and is known for having a relaxed yet engaging style.

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