Mental Health Training for the Security Industry

Supporting You and Your Team

Mindset Securities and Mindset Psychology have collaborated to support an industry that plays an integral role in preventing and responding to critical incidents in Australia.

Guards are often the eyes and ears, first responders and recipients of acts of violence big and small. Yet the average guard does not receive the individual or organisational support that emergency services and other frontline workers do.

To fill this gap Mindset have created a training continuum to support security officer wellbeing and professional development across their lifecycle. The aim of this training is to protect guard mental health, increase their skill development and enhance leader capability so that guards are healthier, happier and perform better. Each lesson has been developed collaboratively between psychologists and security experts to ensure its evidence based and meets industry need.

Each topic has a 20 minute e-lesson that can be completed by guards online. For workplaces that want a greater depth of learning and skill development through scenario based training, each topic is deliverable via face to face instruction.

Packages can be designed to suit the training needs of your workplace:


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Guard Professional Development

Leader Capability

Face-to-face training is recommended